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Inequality is at its highest level since the 1920s, climate action is tepid, and justice is not evenly applied. Covid-19 highlighted that essential workers were expected to work without proper PPE, women were unsupported and left the workplace in droves and small businesses shuddered while Jeff Bezos added a few extra billions to his bank account. In New York, the Democratic establishment has prioritized politics as usual, consumed by corporate donors and lobbyist insiders. New York needs progressive champions interested in rebuilding the city state and country with a focus on working people. To do so, we must elect better Democrats. 


In 2018, Empire State Indivisible joined the True Blue NY Grassroots Coalition, a diverse network of groups, to uproot and  defeat the Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), a group of fake democrats, undermining and stalling legislation in Albany with real Democrats ready to make change in Albany. In the last three years with a Democratic majority, including many new progressive voices, the state legislature has been able to pass expanded voting rights, restored tenants rights, reformed criminal justice efforts, and sufficiently funded education. 

New York has also sent new progressive voices to Congress, and even when incumbents have held their seats district conversations were revitalized and changed for the better. 


It is clear that our communities need more organizers as representatives, at every level of Government. And while few incumbents are primaried, our democracy thrives on diverse voices joining the conversation and running for office to represent and engage their communities.


Empire State Indivisible has focused its electoral efforts on challenging the entrenched power dynamics of the Democratic Party.


No current action.

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