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Invest in Our NY

Decades of disinvestment in New York led to the worst inequality of any state in the country. As our state government paid for less and less, counties and municipalities have been forced to cut services while scrambling to cover what they can through local property, sales, and other taxes that put the heaviest burden on working families and the poor.

Invest in our New York march

Elect Better Democrats

Inequality is at its highest level since the 1920s, climate action is tepid, and justice is not evenly applied. Covid-19 highlighted that essential workers were expected to work without proper PPE, women were unsupported and left the workplace in droves and small businesses shuddered while Jeff Bezos added a few extra billions to his bank account. In New York, the Democratic establishment has prioritized politics as usual, consumed by corporate donors and lobbyist insiders. New York needs progressive champions interested in rebuilding the city state and country with a focus on working people. To do so, we must elect better Democrats. 

Elect better Democrats-1.jpeg

Defend Democracy

New York State has long ranked near the bottom of the list for voting rights in the United States, despite being a blue state that has been largely governed by Democrats for years. Only after 2018, following the defeat of the IDC in the NYS Senate, have we begun to make strides to catch up with voting rights expansion and make it easier for people across the state to vote, and we are still catching up. Our state Board of Elections is in dire need of reform, and voting is still difficult for many, leading to decreased participation and typically low voter turnout in many localities. 

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